Animal rights campaigners fear the grotesque disembowelment of a horse in Dublin may have been a ritualistic killing.

Shocked police officers discovered the body in the Darndale area of Dublin made famous by the Commitments movie.

The Irish Independent reports that an animal rights protection group has offered a $7,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

The animal was found dead, sliced open, and discarded in the Darndale Park area.

The report says the horse was horribly mutilated and had its ears cut off. Animal rights campaigners described it as ‘resembling a ritualistic killing.'

The Animal Rights Action Group (ARAN) is offering a reward given the ‘grotesque’ nature of the killing and to encourage those with information to ‘come forward.'

ARAN spokesman John Carmody said: “This is one of the most grotesque, sordid and disturbing cases we’ve ever dealt with.

“If this didn’t happen where it did and it happened somewhere up a mountain I would say it was somewhat of a ritualistic killing.

“There needs to be stiff fines and jail sentences as well as psychological evaluation for perpetrators, because people will continue to abuse animals unless something is done very soon.”


Shocked police officers discovered the body of a disemboweled horse in the Darndale area of Dublin.