In yet another harrowing incident of animal abuse in Ireland this week, a horse has been found dead in Tipperary. 

The animal was found outside Cahir - with eight more horses found in a malnourished and mistreated condition. 

Earlier this week, a horse was raced to death by a gang of youths and left on the side of a street outside Cork city - prompting widespread outrage. 

Shocking to see the likes of this animal cruelty in #Cork. Horse left to die at the side of the road. #RSPCA

— David Browne (@Browniebuoy) March 27, 2018

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The incident in Tipperary came just days after county councillors called on the Department of Agriculture to appoint a horse warden.

Noticing a rise in mistreated animals, welfare activists joined forces with Tipperary County Council pleading with the Minister for Agriculture to appoint a horse warden in the county.

Over 250 people marched with two rescue ponies declaring "there's no excuse for animal abuse" as they demanded a dedicated warden be allocated for, according to The Nationalist.

The number of horses dying due to neglect and abuse in Ireland is a national disgrace. Well done to the people of Tipperary for demanding that their county not stand for it any more. #Respect

— Mary Ellen O'Keeffe (@MaryEllenOK) March 30, 2018

Clonmel Mayor Catherine Carey, who visited the scene in Cahir on Tuesday morning after receiving a call about the animal, said she was sickened by the sight she witnessed.

“It was just awful. Horses are just being left to rot in the fields” she told the Tipperary Star.

Cllr Carey added that there was no shelter or food available to the horses.

A heartbroken Anne Williamson, who had organized the march, spoke to The Nationalist in the wake of the animal's death.

“I’m completely disillusioned.... just days after so many people came out and tried to do something," she told the outlet.

"A horse warden would be a step in the right direction. There needs to be a dedicated authority."

“That poor, misfortunate animal was raced into the ground. The owner took the sulky off and walked away," she lamented.