One of the main suspects in the Michaela Harte murder trial, the Irish woman killed on her honeymoon last January, may be released on bail by the end of the year.

A Supreme Court judge in Mauritius has ruled that Avinash Treebohowon should be released on bail, as a result of the delays in the murder trial going forward, the Evening Herald reports.

The daughter of Tyrone football legend Mickey Harte, Michaela was murdered in her honeymoon suite of the Legends Resort on January 10.

Upon returning to the couple’s hotel room to fetch some biscuits, the 27-year-old disturbed hotel workers who were ransacking her room. It is alleged the two men Treebohowon (30) and Sandip Mooneea (41) proceeded to strangle the school teacher before placing her in the bathtub. Her body was later discoverd by her husband John McAreavey, who raised the alarm when his wife failed to return from their honeymoon suite.
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Last month it emerged that hairs found in the bathtub of the honeymoon suite were never sent for DNA analysis.

It was originally stated there was CCTV footage linking the murder suspects to the crime. However during a preliminary inquiry in July it emerged that there was no footage of the suspects and the forensic report found no traces of Moneea or Treebohowon's DNA on items taken from the hotel room.

The main evidence against the hotel workers is their alleged confession to police in the days following the murder. However both murder suspects now maintain they were coerced into confessing.

In July a District Court magistrate ruled there was enough evidence for the suspects to go on trial. However a date has not yet been set.