The six million Jews who perished under the Nazi terror were commemorated by four Holocaust survivors are now living in Ireland this week. The four told their solemn survival stories at a moving ceremony at Dublin's Mansion House.

Zoltan Zinn-Collis told the gathering he was only five years old when he was found in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and so his exact date of birth was forever lost.

Zinn-Collis, who lives in Athy, County Kildare, was later brought to this country with his sister, Edit. "There were five of us children bought to Ireland by an Irish paediatrician, Doctor Bob Collis," he said.

"We were the five they couldn't find any elders for. Bob Collis brought me back to Ireland where he reared me as part of his own family."

Zinn-Collis's lifelong friend and fellow Holocaust survivor Suzi Diamond told how she - along with her mother and brother - was in a train bound for Auschwitz when it was diverted to Bergen-Belsen.

"There are only four of us Holocaust survivors living in Ireland, which makes us realize just how important it is that we pass our story down to our children and their children."

The names of 157 victims whose descendants came to live in Ireland were read from the Holocaust Scroll of Names at the ceremony.