From Jennifer Connelly to Anne Hathaway, Hollywood has introduced us to some of the sexiest stars alive – and they just happen to be Irish and Irish American.

There are numerous Irish roses that have sprouted up in Hollywood, from the adorable Drew Barrymore to the quirky Jenny McCarthy.
We present to you our list of the top 10 sexiest Irish women in Hollywood:
1. Jennifer Connelly
One of Hollywood’s classiest actresses, Jennifer Connelly is both gorgeous and talented – and of Irish descent. The beauty won an Oscar for her role in “A Beautiful Mind,” and has appeared in other great films such as “Little Children” and “Requiem for a Dream.”
2. Drew Barrymore
This child star is has transformed from a wild child to an accomplished and gorgeous actress and producer. Plus, not only is Drew Barrymore from the Barrymore Hollywood dynasty, but she is of Irish descent.
3. Anne Hathaway
A member of young Hollywood’s elite, Anne Hathaway is an Academy Award nominee and a classically beautiful Irish American. The future is bright for this “Rachel Getting Married” star, who next appears in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.”
4. Kate Walsh
This fiery redhead and former star of “Grey’s Anatomy” is now the lead of her own show, “Private Practice.” Born Kathleen Erin Walsh, Kate Walsh is reminiscent of the Maureen O’Haras of yesteryear.
5. Kristen Bell
After a successful stint on TV as Veronica Mars, this blonde beauty of Irish descent took a star turn in last year’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Look out for this up and coming young Irish American on the red carpet for years to come.
6. Bridget Moynahan
This Irish American stunner might be known to some as Tom Brady’s ex, but she’s a whole lot more. Moynahan is a talented model and actress, and has graced the covers of Elle and Glamour and starred in movies like "Coyote Ugly.”
7. Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year, has blossomed into a popular actress and activist for Autism awareness. The blond Irish American bombshell dates Jim Carrey, and continues to have a successful modeling and acting career.
8. Rose McGowan
Her controversial IRA commentary aside, Rose McGowan is a true Irish rose. Though Italian-born, this talented “Grindhouse” actress is the epitome of Irish beauty.
9. Lauren Graham
Though born in Hawaii, Lauren Graham is Irish, through and through. After playing Lorelai Gilmore in the hit show “Gilmore Girls” for most of the 2000, the Irish American beauty is now starring on Broadway as Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls.”
10. Robin Tunney
Familiar to many for her role in the 1990s hit “The Craft,” the lovely Robin Tunney is now the star of the TV show “The Mentalist.” Tunney’s father is an Irish emigrant, and her mother is first-generation Irish American.