A major production company based in LA is searching for Irish immigrants who work in physically demanding jobs to star in an upcoming series.

Skip Film producers hope that they can find an Irish-born character with a physically imposing look and a distinctive, larger-than-life personality to be the focus of the proposed new series. 

The TV show hopes to follow the star in his job as he experiences American culture for the first time.

“It’s a great promotional opportunity for a company,“  Donovan Jacobs of Skip Films told IrishCentral, adding there will be  financial compensation for the lucky candidate.

Why choose an Irish person in a nation full of immigrants? Donovan says it’s down to the Irish persona.

“Certain cultures are seen as colorful and larger than life in terms of their personalities,” he said.

Adding: “We want someone who is pretty unique and interesting.”

The proposed show would ideally feature the exploits of the main character on a job that showcases his size as well as his challenges adapting to the pace and style of life in the U.S.

The Santa Monica based production company are reaching out to Irish companies based in the U.S. in industries that involve physically demanding, even dangerous work. Jobs involving outdoor work may be a plus.

Skip Film currently co-produces the series “Bering Sea Gold” for Discovery Channel and will produce the series “The Huntsman” for Discovery this fall. Both series feature strong characters working in potentially dangerous, action-filled worlds similar to the one the proposed show hopes to capture.

For more information about getting involved contact Donovan Jacobs at Skip Films at djacobs7@socal.rr.com .

Watch a clip of  Skip Films Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice below

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