Martin McGuinness latest endorsement for president comes the whole way from Hollywood, with award winning Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan saying he is the man for the Aras.

The star of “The Others”, “The Guard” and “Some Mother’s Son”, Flanagan has carved out a successful acting career stateside.

Speaking on the Green Room on Newstalk radio, the native Dubliner, who is based in LA, said that if a man was to win the race, McGuinness is the best candidate.

“He’s a man I’ve known for many years and I know there is a great deal of controversy about his background but I think he’s got smarts, I think he’s got balls, I think he’s got vision” .
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When asked about potential reaction in the U.S. to the election of McGuinness as President she said he  had “ a huge following in the United States… and is found to be exciting and different and interesting”

To listen to the full interview with Orla Barry on Newstalk radio click here.

Fionnula Flanagan