The "Ho Hum Bandit," an Irishman who is allegedly linked to two dozen robberies across four states, will plead guilty.

Adam Lynch, who moved from north Dublin to the U.S. at the age of 18, faces a severe sentence for the robberies committed from early 2010 to March of this year, according to the Independent.

Called the ‘Ho Hum Bandit' because of his laidback attitude while demanding money, the 34-year-old was accused of a single count of bank robbery by force or violence following his arrest in Denver, Colorado, in April.

He originally pleaded not guilty, but in a recent filing by his lawyer, he indicated he is prepared to plead guilty to "multiple charges in multiple jurisdictions."

The FBI was unable to track Lynch down until local police in Denver received a call from his girlfriend, Julia Lundstrom.

Lynch confessed to Lundstrom that he was the Ho Hum Bandit after she questioned how he was able to place a large sum of money into her bank account.

Lundstorm called the police from outside Fado Bar, an Irish pub in the city.

"She told them: 'I am sitting here with a bank robber,'" said Adam Acierno, a Denver police officer.

Lynch's hearing is set to take place in August, followed by sentencing.


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