In what is considered to be the first time in history, two US Presidents were on Irish soil at the same time. On Monday, June 17th, President Barack Obama was in Belfast while former President Bill Clinton was at Shannon Airport.

The Irish Independent reports on the historic coincidence. President Obama was in Belfast addressing some 2,000 students before heading to the G8 Summit, while former President Clinton was stretching his legs at Shannon Airport during a layover during his route to the Middle East.

This was neither Obama’s nor Clinton’s first time visiting Ireland. President Obama made a trip to Ireland during his first term as president. Former President Clinton, who is noted for his work on the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, has visited Ireland several times.

Clinton’s wife Hilary Clinton, who is highly expected to run for president in 2016, wrote in her book 'Living History' that, "Of all the places we visited during the eight years of Bill's presidency, none was more invigorating and inspiring than Ireland."

Former President Bill Clinton at Shannon Airport with Niall Maloney (head of operations at Shannon) and Gda Supt Derek SmartIrish Independent