Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in New York Presbyterian Hospital being examined for a possible blood clot, according to the Associated Press.

Clinton recently suffered a concussion from a fall and has been under doctor’s care since then. 

Clinton's press aide Philipe Reines issued a statement tonight saying “She is being treated with anticoagulants and is at New York-Presbyterian Hospital so that they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours."

“Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion,” Mr. Reines said. “They will determine if any further action is required.”

She was originally thought to have suffered from a violent stomach bug which led to dehydration and her fall.

Clinton became ill after her recent visit to Ireland where she looked tired and worn out from her hectic schedule.

During a meeting with close Irish associates, Clinton stated that she was looking forward to an extended vacation after she stepped down as secretary of state.

She had flown over one million miles and visited more than 100 countries during her term in the office, and by the end seemed in an exhausted state.

Clinton has had very few health problems, unlike her husband who has undergone open heart surgery on two occasions.

Her illness will spark speculation about her political future, and whether or not she will be a candidate for the presidency in four years.

However, it is far too early to say whether or not her health will have an impact on her political future.