Hillary Clinton will have lots of advice for President Obama when he travels to Ireland, she told a press conference with Ireland's Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore.

She said she had "a lot of good ideas" about what Barack Obama should do in the Emerald Isle.

"We are delighted that the president will be coming to Ireland. That is very good news for everyone, and I don't know how many Irish-Americans will believe they have to be there with him, but I would imagine that the number will be substantial."

She also said she wants to come.

"I'm excited. And I never know where I'm going to be, as has been evident for the last several weeks, but I would love to be there, because I love to be in Ireland under any circumstances," she said.

She apologized for missing the St Patrick's Day activities at the White House but flew back from Tunisia to meet Gilmore.

"I'm sorry I had to spend St Patrick's Day away from the celebrations, but I am delighted that we have so many common goals for the continuing close co-operation between our two countries," she said.