A poll, released by Quinnipiac on Friday, shows that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Chris Christie and Rand Paul as a potential for the 2016 presidential race.

Clinton, the former secretary of state, would beat the Kentucky Republican, Paul, in a head-to head leading him with 50 percent to 38.

Vice President Joe Biden did not fare well in the poll coming in behind Christie with 35 percent to 46. The Irish American VP is in a dead heat with Paul at 42 percent.

reports that these numbers can be explained by the favorability results. The poll found that 55 percent of those surveyed said they viewed Clinton favorably. Just 44 percent of voters viewed Biden favorably. Christie was viewed 45 percent favorably and Paul was viewed 31 percent favorably

The New Jersey governor was the only candidate viewed more favorably than not by members of the opposite party with 41 percent of Democrats viewing him favorably.

Quinnipiac surveyed 2,014 voters from June 28 to July 8 for the poll.

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