Over two million people are in employment in the Republic of Ireland – the highest figure since the start of 2009.

Latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show an annual increase in the number of people with jobs up 2.9%, or 56,200, between April and June this year, bringing the employment number to 2,014,900.

An average of 1,000 jobs per week have been created since the beginning of the year.

Back in 2008, before the financial crisis struck, 2.16 million people were in work in the Republic.

However, the seasonally adjusted unemployment figure between April and June this year remained unchanged at 8.4%, although there are 23,400 fewer people out of work than this time last year.

There are now 187,800 on the live register, the figures showing the sixteenth quarter in succession where unemployment has declined.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan welcomed the latest figures.

“We have now seen 15 consecutive quarters of employment growth,” he said.

“This growth remains broad-based, with 12 of the 14 sectors reported by the CSO showing annual growth.

“Creating jobs for our people means they can contribute to a better life for themselves and a fairer society for all of our people.”

Employment increases by 2.9% in year to Q2 2016 https://t.co/gZ51dAwfYF

— CSO Statistics (@CSOIreland) August 23, 2016

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New figures also show a net inward migration into Ireland for the first time since 2009.

The number of people who arrived into the country to live in the year up to April stood at 79,300 this year, compared with 69,300 the previous year, a rise of 14.4%.

The figures show that 12,100 of those coming to the country were of Irish nationality, many returning to the country having left during the economic downturn.

Figures show that there was also an increase in population with 65,200 births up to April 2016 compared with 30,000 deaths, a natural increase of 37,400.

The population of the Republic of Ireland up to April 2016 stood at 4,673,700, an increase of 38,400 on the previous 12 months.

Return to net inward migration from Ireland for the first time since 2009 https://t.co/DZiVWNZftY

— CSO Statistics (@CSOIreland) August 23, 2016

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