The Rev. Andrew Greeley was laid to rest on Wednesday at Chicago’s South Side at Christ the King Church by Cardinal Francis George.

Greeley, who died at his Chicago home at the age of 85, was known as a prolific priest, sociologist and long-time NBC analyst who wrote best-selling novels and a weekly newspaper column. He was known for his conviction and was one of the few priests who criticized the church's leadership during the sex abuse crisis as early as 1991.

In November of 2008, Greely was involved in an accident when his jacket got caught in a cab door and he fell to the ground as the vehicle pulled away. He hit his head during the fall, fracturing his skull and was left in critical condition. He never fully recovered from the fall. Before the incident, Greeley had lectured at the Religious Education Association conference in Rosemont and was described by the association executive secretary as "very generous and very funny," reports NBC Chicago.

"Our hearts are heavy with grief," his family said in a statement, "but we find hope in the promise of Heaven that our uncle spent his life proclaiming to us, his friends, his parishioners and his many fans. He resides now with the Lord of the Dance, and that dance will go on."

Greeley is remembered as a genuine Chicagoan and a dedicated servant of the church with a prophetic voice, NBC Chicago reveals.


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