Irish police are appealing for information after a man in Cork City posed as a policeman, called to an 70-year-old man’s home and robbed him of his life savings, which he had withdrawn from the bank due to his concerns over the economy.

The criminal called to the old aged pensioner’s house on the north side of the city and claimed that he was a policeman from the Gurranabraher Garda Station.
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He discussed home security issues with the man and asked if he had much cash in the house. He told the elderly man that he needed to mark this money in case it was robbed. The pensioner brought the imposter his life savings and the thief made off with the money.

He is described as in his 20s, five-foot eight inches and of stocky build. He was wearing jeans and a green anorak. He was aided by an accomplice driving a getaway car.

The victim of the crime has planned to spend some of his money on a going on a pilgrimage.