A heartbroken Nigerian mother has explained how her three-year-old son cried for help as he was crushed in a Galway elevator.

Solomon Soremekun died in the freak accident in an office building in the Western city’s centre.

He begged his mother for help in his final moments as she screamed outside the elevator.

Mum Omolara Alibi has been in a state of deep shock since the tragedy last Monday but has now begun to speak about her son’s last moments.

The Irish Independent reports that she explained to her legal representative Gerard O’Donnell how Solomon had entered the lift without issue just moments before the tragedy occurred.

O’Donnell explained: “She had been able to tell me that they were coming out of the social welfare offices and the door of the lift opened and the lift was level with the floor.

“Solomon stepped in but as her daughter went to step in, it snapped closed.

“Solomon was stuck in the lift and he was shouting to his mother for help. He kept shouting: ‘Help me mommy, help me mommy’. He was calling and banging on the door to get help.”

Emergency services were unable to save the little boy’s life when they arrived on the scene.

Police and Ireland’s health and safety authority are already investigating the tragic accident.

The report says they will attempt to establish how the boy went from inside the elevator to being trapped by the lift shaft.

O’Donnell added that his client is ‘tormented’ and is desperate for answers.

He added: “First and foremost she is totally traumatised and shocked by what happened.

“She kept saying she went into the Hynes building with four children and came out with three. She wants to find out what happened and how it happened.”

Solomon and his family had only recently moved to Galway. They were in the Department of Social Protection office in the building to complete paperwork associated with their move.

His mum is expected to meet with officials from the Health and Safety Authority next week.

Little Solomon is to be laid to rest at the New Cemetery in Galway city on Saturday following a prayer service at the hospital mortuary.

The report says his mother and father, Ade Soremekun, along with his three sisters, Princess, Esther and Zion, will attend the private service along with members of the local Nigerian community.