The family of an Irish single mother living in Kansas is facing a medical bill of over $1 million as their daughter remains in a coma, fighting for her life.

A near fatal car crash flung Nicole Ryan-Graham in to a coma just five days after her medical insurance ran out.

Nicole, originally from County Clare, has been living in the United States for 18 years but does not have medical insurance.

She had worked as a courthouse clerk but was let go from her position in January. Her medical insurance subsequently dried up on February 3.

Five days later, on February 8, Nicole crashed into a wall in treacherous weather conditions. She has been in a coma ever since.

Unfortunately an MRI taken on April 12 confirmed that she had suffered a stroke. This has caused problems for her heart valve, blood pressure and temperature.

Amazingly she is now making good progress and is responding to commands, touching her face and opening her eyes.

Doctors at Overland Park Regional Hospital in Kansas City are amazed by her resilience as she continues to slowly improve.

Her next step will be rehabilitation. This means that her medical bills will continue to grow.

Nicole’s family are faced with the challenge of trying to reach some kind of agreement with Medicaid on these ever expanding bills.

The family are relying on the fundraising in Kansas and Ireland for support. Friends and family in Ireland have managed to raise $26,600 and their campaign is continuing.

To donate visit the “Please Help Nicole Ryan-Graham” page on facebook.

$1 million medical bill for Irish mother with no medical insurance