The heartbroken widower of Michaela Harte has spoken for the first time about his inconsolable grief over the murder of his beloved wife and best friend.

Michaela Harte was murdered in her hotel room while on honeymoon in Mauritius on January. Hotel employees who she disturbed robbing the room are suspected,

Her husband John McAreavey has spoken about his horror of discovering  her body and described her death as "just the worst thing imaginable".

The accountant revealed how he had been treated as suspect in his wife’s murder inquiry when police first arrived on the scene.

"Yeah, that happened," he said, adding: "When you're at rock bottom it doesn't really matter anymore what anyone says or does."

Speaking for the first time since his wife’s murder, McAreavey struggled to hold back emotions during an the RTE documentary 'Michaela, Finding Peace'.

He spoke about the couple first met in their second year of study at Queen’s University Belfast and within three weeks of dating they  had both decided they would be spending the rest of their lives together.

"Maybe it was a wee bit presumptuous but I suppose when you know, you know," he said, adding that they "got on like house on fire".

"It was just a matter of planning the rest of our lives together -- we loved to do that. It was a straight road where we were going," he said.

The days leading up to her death  had been the perfect honeymoon while the day of her murder the couple relaxed in the sun at their beachside hotel.

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Michaela’s father, Tyrone football manager Mickey Harte shed tears as he spoke about the couples wedding day .

"Michaela chose very well," he said.

McAreavy  spoke about how they newly married couple had woken together, had breakfast. While he went to have a golf lesson, Michaela relaxed by the poolside. Later they went for lunch,

"Obviously, that was the last time we were able to spend any time together in this world," he said.

After their meal Michaela went up to their hotel bedroom to grab a biscuit to have with her tea. When she failed to return, her husband went to check on her.

"When I saw Michaela in the bath, I had to go over and just ran and grabbed her out and screamed for help."

A porter, the hotel manager and another man soon arrived on the scene.

CPR was administered while McAreavey held his wife repeating “Come on, Michaela, come on."

Describing the past few months he said his life is very, very difficult," adding it was a "very dark place" and he felt "utter despair".

After her body was discovered, he felt the need to have her rosary beads and her wedding rings.

“Once I got my hands on those, I felt that I wasn't on my own," he said.
He spoke about his regret they had not married sooner and revealed that in the five years together, they had only spent three nights apart.

For now the young widower says he is without a plan for the first time in his life and is trying not to look too far ahead.

He hopes someday he will regain his passion for life but  “at the minute I just don't have it," he said.

Michaela Harte and John McAreaveyPA