A tragic young man in Wexford shot himself  yesterday at the grave of his girlfriend who had passed away just days earlier.

Julian Rothwell walked into the graveyard where she was buried, shotgun in hand, and killed himself near where Gillian Bradley’s grave lay, covered with flowers.

The incident in Adamstown, County Wexford has shocked families and friends.

Gillian had died unexpectedly after she collapsed while attending a variety show in her hometown.

"There is a dark cloud over the area and we are all praying for the families affected by this tragedy," a neighbor told the Irish Independent.

Red roses, white lilies and a ceramic angel were placed on her grave and Julian had been inconsolable over his girlfriend.

Locals told the Irish Independent newspaper that the couple were "soulmates" and "inseparable".

One said: "They just wanted to be together, it's so sad but he must have felt he couldn't go on without her."

Gillian was described a a "fun loving" and "charismatic" young woman by the local priest at her funeral.

Young man in Wexford shot himself yesterday at the grave of his girlfriend