Have the terrifying conspiracy theories that Glenn Beck has been promoting for years finally driven him nuts?

Some viewers of his new cable network were left wondering about his health by his this-close-to-postal performance on his own subscription based GB Network this week.

Once again Beck's subject was the so-called mainstream media, which he decided would be best represented by gutting some fish live on air.

As Beck slit and filleted a fish that he decided to call Larry, he implied the so-called mainstream media would face a similar extinction because, he said, they suck. If he had any private doubts about the message that literally gutting something on television would send to his most ardent fans he did not betray them.

'Just like Larry the fish, they're full of crap,' Beck informed his presumably enraptured audience, in a report that ran in the Huffington Post.

The source of Beck's ire, and the cause of his fishy theatrics, was his anger over the so-called 'coverup' of President Barack Obama's open-mic conversation with French premiere Nicolas Sarkozy recently, in which the French president called Israeli's Benjamin Netanyahu a liar.


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How dare Sarkozy call Netanyahu a liar, Beck’s fish show intimated, and how dare the press refuse to publish the audio from the incident!

At that moment, presumably to make a point, Beck removed Larry the fish' eyes horrifically saying: 'Oh I forgot, this is the press!' The he held up the headless fish and thundered:  'There's things you just don't need to see, America!'

He was referring to the supposed coverup but critics have responded they no longer see the need to watch his show either.

Beck then put his finger through the fish's empty eye sockets crying: 'Whoo-whoo! Hello! whoo-whoo!'

In 2009, in a gesture that led to widespread public revulsion, Beck threw a frog into a pot of boiling water whilst frothing about both Republicans and Democrats.

Critics suggest Beck's latest outburst is variously a cry for attention, a cheap publicity stunt for his ailing network, and an indication that Fox News concluded the Glenn Beck show in the nick of time.