The power of the World Wide Web has enabled Chinese students to study the Irish Harp thanks to a wireless link to County Longford.

Lanesboro musician and teacher Edel Loftus has revealed how she uses a webcam to engage Shanghai students in Irish Harp lessons.

Loftus visited the Chinese city with her 17-year-old daughter Alida and a group of Irish students on a cultural trip last October.

Their Irish Harp recitals provoked such interest in Shanghai that a group of students there have now enrolled with the Loftus Music School in Longford and study via the internet.

“They loved the harp and were very interested in learning the Irish Harp,” Edel told the Irish Independent.

“A lot of people came from universities and other areas as well. They asked me could they study with me.

“The webcam means international students from all over the world can study on a one-to-one basis. It saves a lot of travel for them.

“Some were doing masters studies in other instruments. There were children of all ages and adults as well. We also sourced harps for them.”

Loftus wants to extend the cultural exchange by bringing her Irish students to China and hosting a visit to Longford by her Shanghai pupils.