Halloween killer Torrens Knight has been sent back to jail in Northern Ireland after his Good Friday early release license was suspended.

Knight was one of the four loyalist gang members who took part in the notorious Greysteel massacre in 1993 in which eight people were killed and 13 were wounded.

He was sentenced to 12 life sentences for that attack as well as the killings of four Catholic builders earlier the same year.

Knight was sent back to jail after being found guilty of an attack on two sisters in a bar in County Derry in 2008.

He will now serve the remainder of the 12 life sentences.

The Halloween killings, which sent a wave of revulsion through Ireland, became infamous after it was revealed that one of the gunmen shouted "Trick or Treat" before opening fire.

Knight, who was the gang's getaway driver, stood at the door while the gunmen mowed down  the crowd of revelers.