Now that  the town of Effin has been banned from Facebook because its name sounded vaguely dirty, what other towns in Ireland might suffer the same faith given their somewhat risque proper names?
Here’s ten we can suggest for starters.

Hackballscross in North Louth:

Local history says it is called that because in the 18th century  men described as rebels or thieves were hacked to bits after attacking a local landlord.  It sounds awful and no doubt it was.

Effin in Limerick:

The town  where all the Facebook controversy arose from. It actually comes from the name of an Irish Saint - St. Eimhin, pronounced Effin.
Termonfeckin in Louth:

Termon the word for a church and Feckin from St. Fechin, a local saint who built his church there

Ballsbridge Dublin:

A very posh neighborhood which is called after a bridge built by a Mr Ball across the Dodder river

Blue Ball in Offaly:

An Phallis, in Gaelic, no reason why it is translated Blue Ball -- unknown

Kill in County Kildare:

Kill is Gaelic for church



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Muff in Donegal:

Is  from the  Gaelic ‘magh’ meaning a plain. And yes there is a diving club there too.
Kilcock, County Kildare:

Church of St Cocc, allegedly a sister of  St Kevin
Nobber, County Meath:

From the Gaelic meaning  An Obair, the work, meaning there was a workhouse there.

Shercock in Cavan:

From Seacog, meaning Young Love.

None are as bad as some English place names, Toad in the Hole etc.