A competition between amateur brewers at St.Jame's Gate in Dublin has invented some new exotic beer flavors, one of which is destined for the European market.

With all proceeds going to charity, staff at the famous brewing house were tasked to come up with a new and exciting flavors of beer. All the teams designed their own logos, bottle label designs and marketing campaigns for their choice beers.

The winning brew is called “New World Amber Ale” and combined yeast from Kilkenny, German malt, New Zealand hops and South African water. The winning team leader Colm Murphy who works as a health and safety manager said that staff enjoyed getting involved in the brewing process.

"We started bouncing ideas of each other in the test plant. It’s not something we’d do on a normal day. We had fun with the ingredients," he told the Irish Examiner.

Up to 1,000 litres of the winning brew will be bottled and sold at an artisan brewery in Vienna.

Staff from all departments at the famous brewing site took part in the Festival of Beer and created 17 eclectic beers. A total of 120 employees raised €11,500 ($16,000) which will go towards Diageo's Water of Life charity, a society that aims to provide clean water to Africans every year.

Diageo's Technical Director Von Der Heide, told the Irish Examiner about the initiative: “We had staff from all over the brewery and from different parts of Ireland involved. Some came up with classical recipes and then there were speciality brews," he said.

He added that the winning beer may possible be sold on the Irish market. Management at the brewery are also considering g opening up the competition to the public next year.