The family of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner, who is now in Ireland, has been reunited with his loved ones there this Christmas thanks to Michael Mone, a Boston Irish lawyer. 

Oybek Jabbarov was held for eight years in Guantanamo . It turned out that Jabbarov was a shepherd in Uzbekistan who had been living with his pregnant wife and young child in a refugee camp in Afghanistan at the time of the American invasion  He accepted a ride from some Afghan Northern Alliance soldiers, who then sold him to the Americans for a bounty.

While in Guantanamo his weight had dropped form 167 pounds to 100. Officials there eventually accepted he had no ties to terrorist groups, but it took eight years to win his freedom.

Michael Mone, one of his attorneys, said Jabarrov had hoped to be transferred to Ireland because he knew it had many sheep.

After the case against Jabbarov collapsed, Michael Mone convinced him that Ireland was his best destination. The Irish government and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had agreed that Ireland would take two Guantanamo detainees. Three months ago he was accepted and was flown to Ireland.

However, he deeply missed his wife and two sons, one of whom he had never seen.

According to the Boston Globe, Mone convinced the Irish government to reach out and find Jabbarov's family who had been living as nomads in Central Asia.

The government located them and Jabbarov talked to his family for the first time. His son asked him for a bicycle every time they talked.

Last week his family was flown into reunite with him.  He now lives somewhere in the West of Ireland.He had two brand new bikes ready for his sons.  Another Uzbek Guantanamo prisoner is also living in Ireland.