Locals in a quiet, upmarket Dublin housing estate are in shock over the horrific murder that has occurred. 

A man was castrated after he was fatally stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest, and back. 

A 50-year-old woman who lived with the victim at a house in Foxrock, south Dublin, has been charged with his murder. 

Grace Miano, from Kenya, has asked for a psychiatric assessment be carried out.

The mutilated victim has been named locally as Malawian national Limbani Mzoma (27), also known as Robert. 

Sources told the Irish Independent that "all the indications" suggested that Mzoma's genitals were cut off after he died last Thursday night.

Woman (50) is charged with the murder of man at Foxrock house https://t.co/4eLkEUwl11 pic.twitter.com/3RKbcF0C4b

— Independent.ie (@Independent_ie) November 5, 2018

"I feel sick, I literally feel sick.  This doesn't happen in Foxrock," a neighbor told journalists.

"This was a truly horrific scene in what is thankfully a very unusual crime in Ireland. There was a huge amount of blood when gardaí entered the property on Thursday night," a senior source told the paper.

Police had also been called to the same house earlier that day after receiving reports of a domestic disturbance, however no arrests were made.

Getting something off my chest.
Attended the murder scene in Foxrock this morning. A west African man was mutilated and killed.
But what shocked me most was the overt racism from neighbours. The spoke of the man as if he were subhuman. I spoke with five or so locals

— Garreth MacNamee (@garmacnamee) November 2, 2018

It is reported that police visited the address numerous times in recent months due to reports of "unruly behavior" and parties.

Mzoma's brother Ambrose described him as a "brave, courageous, young man" who was friendly to everyone he met. He is believed to have been intending to return to his native Malawi next year after spending five years in Ireland.

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