Irish American actor Patrick Dempsey played the part of a real-life hero last week, when he saved the life of a teenage boy who crashed near the star’s Malibu home in California.

Weston Masset (17) was pulled to safety by the “Grey’s Anatomy” star when his car flipped three times after he lost control of the Mustang. After Dempsey saw the car flip he used a crowbar to pry the door open and rescue the teen.

"I was scared for my life. I was upside down," Masset told ABC News.

After rescuing the teenager, Dempsey (46) called paramedics and remained with him until he was airlifted to hospital. Masset was later treated for a concussion and an eye injury.

Amid the panic, the teenager still managed to recognize the Hollywood actor. asking him, “Are you famous?”.

To which Dempsey replied: "Yeah, I'm a doctor."

The actor also called Masset’s mother to inform her of the accident.

“He had a certain authority in his voice," said MaryBeth Masset.

 "I asked if he was a paramedic and he said, 'No, this is Patrick Dempsey.' I thought, 'McDreamy?' "

"I'm just super grateful. I can't wait to thank him personally," she added.

The actor’s publicist declined to comment on his daring rescue.


Patrick Dempsey saved Weston Masset (17) from car wreckage