The accusation of rape against Greg Kelly, co-host of Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” and son of the NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly seems to be falling apart as the accused brought forward proof that they stayed in touch and spoke about doing it again.

The TV personality has taken time off work and although he is cooperating with investigations, he has not been charged with any crimes.

Sources close to the investigation told the New York Daily News that there were flirtatious exchanges between the woman and Kelly. It’s also been revealed that the woman had an abortion after their brief encounter in her Manhattan office.

Kelly has denied all accusations through his attorney. The Manhattan DA has also voiced their doubts about the case.



Fox Anchor Greg Kelly seems like a victim not a rapist in allegations against him -- Case doesn't add up against son of NYPD Chief Ray Kelly

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On Friday, his high-profile father, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly made his first public appearance since the accusations were made. He refused to comment saying, “I'm not going to ... with all due respect, answer any questions on this matter,” according to AP reports.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg  will also face questions about how police have handled the matter. The investigation was handed over to the Manhattan DA, in case there any conflict of interest.

The woman’s boyfriend approached Police Commissioner Kelly at a party saying, “Your son ruined my girlfriend’s life.” He then refused to explain and said he would send a letter. Paul Brown, spokesman for Commissioner Kelly, maintains that the letter never arrived.

Bloomberg said he "thought the police department did exactly what they should do" by turning the matter involving Kelly's son over to the district attorney.

"Keep in mind: Everyone has a right to have their complaints investigated."