Michaela Harte was suffocated with a plastic bag, a police post-mortem report has found.

After seeing the report the Irish Independent reports it  revealed such details as Laboratory tests were conducted on a plastic bag that was used to cover Ms Harte's head but no traces of the suspects' DNA were found.

-She died from asphyxia due to compression of the neck.

-It is not clear from the forensics report, or police statements, seen by this newspaper, who removed the bag from Michaela's head.

-Michaela had several abrasions in the front of her neck as well as suffering small patches of bruises to the front of her neck and larger bruises over her right and left collar bones.

-DNA from the nail cuttings and swabbed samples from her neck do not match samples taken from hotel workers who were initially named as suspects: Sandip Moneea, Avinash Treebhowon, Dassen Narayanen or Raj Theekoy.


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Investigators are now questioning the reliability of DNA found in couple’s hotel room, as the crime scene was not properly preserved by Mauritian police.

Appearing in court on Tuesday were the accused Sandip Moneea (41) and Avinash Treebhowon (30), as part of the continuing inquiry into Michael’s murder on January 10 last.

During the pre-trial hearing Mauritian police were accused of brutality by defense attorneys.

The Legends Hotel complex, where young bride Michaela Harte (pictured) was murderedGoogle Images