An 81-year-old Irish grandmother is leading the fight against the government imposed household levy – after describing conditions in Ireland as akin to the Second World War.

Mai Fitzgerald, a Tipperary woman with nine grandchildren and now resident in Limerick, has vowed to go to jail rather than pay the $130 levy.

After living through 26 different governments and several recessions, she has finally had enough according to the Irish Independent.

“At my age, you have to think of the way the country goes. It is gone – buggered,” she told the paper.
“The only harsher time I have experienced in the country was life during World War II.

“I think this is just another tax on people and the people that brought it in don’t understand at all how others are living because the politicians have pregnant wallets.

“They suffer from a multitude of deranged ideas. The Government should be looking after the elderly better than they are looking after them. They cut us in our fuel this year - imagine!”

Fitzgerald said she has no qualms about going to jail if she has to – even though the government has pledged prison sentences will not be an option for defaulters.

“I am very adamant about this. It is another tax and we have been hit too much. I will do jail, it does not bother me now,” she said.

“I will definitely not be changing my stance on the €100 charge. I am prepared to go to jail for this and I only have a few requirements when I get there.

“I am a pioneer all my life. I don’t drink or smoke. So long as I can get Mass in the morning, get the papers in and a few good books.”