Three days after four people were mysteriously shot and killed inside the Haven Drugs pharmacy in Medford, New York, David Laffer (33) and his wife Melinda Brady (29), were arrested. Today, a grand jury presides over the case “to consider upgraded to additional charge” against the couple, according to the NY Post.

Laffer, an ex-soldier, is accused of first-degree murder of store clerk Jennifer Mejia, 17, pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, 45, and customers Jamie Taccetta, 33, and Bryon Sheffield, 71, after police found his fingerprint in the pharmacy. They also found the .45-caliber gun believed to be the murder weapon, which was registered to Laffer, according to CBS News.

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While Laffer is also accused of resisting arrest as well as of first-degree murder, Brady is charged with robbery and obstruction of governmental administration. She tried to protect her husband when the police came to their home to arrest him by latching on to the police officer’s leg. She’s also being accused aiding the robbery by driving to the scene and waiting to pick her husband up once the heist was completed.

Brady contests that killing was not part of her plan. According to the Post, the formal complaint states that "’she discussed robbing a pharmacy with her accomplice’ the night before the massacre,” and that she gave her accomplice the prescription to give to the pharmacist. Originally, the robbery was only supposed to be for drugs, because Brady was sick and Laffer had just lost his job, according to CBS news.

Jury discusses possibility of upgraded charges for David Laffer and wife Melinda BradyStephen Barcelo for News