Controversial Kerry politician Michael Healy-Rae has called on the Irish government to introduce a new car registration policy next year – to avoid any use of the number 13.

Irish cars now carry the year of registration on their licence plate but independent deputy Healy-Rae is concerned superstition will hit car sales next year.

He believes many potential car buyers will wait a year rather than purchase a new car with 13 on its registration plate.

“There’s people now who, we’ll say, always change their cars every two, three or four years,” Healy-Rae told

“Take you, for instance - you might be one of these men who change their car every three years, and 2013 is your year to change.

“People like you are after going to the garages and saying they’ll wait until the next year before replacing their cars, simply because they do not want to drive cars carrying a number which is often thought to be unlucky.”

Healy-Rae told the website that car dealers had already approached him to raise their concerns.



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