The Irish government has warned citizens to avoid all travel to Gaza and areas of Israel as a result of the ongoing unrest there.

During a visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire on Wednesday ending eight days of fighting that killed more than 140 Palestinians and five Israelis.

According to the cease-fire agreement, Israel will stop attacks on Gaza by land, sea, and air and stop incursions and targeted assassinations; Palestinian factions will stop hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel; Israel will ease the movement of people and goods at border-crossing areas.

“Irish citizens are advised to avoid all travel to Gaza and the border areas with Gaza in southern Israel,” a statement from the Department of Foreign affairs read.

“Citizens are advised to exercise caution in all other parts of Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory.”

On Wednesday morning a bomb exploded on a bus in the heart of Tel Aviv, wounding 27 riders.

“You opened the gates of hell on yourselves,” Hamas's armed wing, the al-Qassam brigades, tweeted soon afterward. “Oh Zionists, you have to drag yourselves out of hell, go back home now, go back to Germany, Poland, Russia, America and anywhere else."

The Department of Foreign Affairs warned Irish citizens that if they must travel to Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory to remain alert.

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire: Hillary Clinton's Statement