Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has said that Democrat supporters would better understand accusations that GOP candidate hopeful Mitt Romney failed to create jobs while governing Massachusetts if they understood his role as a corporate raider at Bain Capital.

Speaking to the Huffington Post just hours before the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina on Monday night, he said, “Bain is a little complicated for people to follow. I think people also understand what their governor does and what their mayor does. The most personal votes people cast is for mayor and a president and in between there is governor ... to have a 47 out of 50 ranking in job creation to show for it, there are some jobs like governor and mayor where you have to produce and [Romney] didn't."

O’Malley was in South Carolina on behalf of the Obama re-election campaign.


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Romney’s time with Bain Capital has come under questioning from fellow Republican candidates and the Obama re-election team. They are “calling it far more akin to "money manipulation" than anything related to creating jobs”, reports the Huffington Post.

He added that it was a “clearer contrast” to compare Romney’s time in the statehouse. He said this would be a fairer comparison.

O’Malley said, “I think a point that needs to be emphasized was that in easier times when he was governor of a pretty innovative state, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 [in job creation]. You contrast that to the tougher times we have now, under Governor Deval Patrick's leadership, Massachusetts is 5th in the nation."

Romney’s record in Massachusetts came up during Monday’s debate. Romney said “We were fortunate to have an unemployment rate by the time I left office of 4.7 percent. Sounds pretty good today. And I was also proud of the fact that we balanced the budget every year I was in office. We reduced taxes 19 times, put in place a rainy day fund of over $2 billion by the time I left.

"And so my record is out there, proud of it, and I think that if people want to have someone who understands how the economy works, having worked in the real economy, then I'm the guy that can best post up against Barack Obama.”

O’Malley talks to MSNBC: