Google has revealed that ‘Gerry Ryan’ was the fastest rising and most popular search term in Ireland over the past six months.

The search engine giant stats that there was a 3,750 per cent increase in searches for “Gerry Ryan”. Overall, there was a 1,150 per cent increase in searches for his name during the last six months.

The Glee musical comedy-drama TV show came in a close enough second with a 1,050 per cent increase in searches between January and June.

The World Cup was also a popular riser with a 700 percent increase in searches for the first half of the year, while searches for Cheltnam also skyrocketed around the time of the horse racing festival.

Evidence of the volcanic cloud fiasco was also there, with a noted increase in searches for related terms like the Irish Aviation Authority, volcano update, and more.

Searches for “YouTube music”, Facebook and Hotmail and the National Car Test were also among the 10 most searched for items over the past six months, those these are perennial Internet favorites.

The 1901 census captured interest in June, but it was too late to make a significant impact on figures. Brian Cowen, speaking in New York, said that the website had received “over two and a half million unique visitors.”