A goat on a Co Mayo farm has given birth to two goat/sheep hybrids, which the farmer has christened This and That.

A nanny goat called Daisy and a Cheviot ram are the parents of the headline-making twin animals.

Experts believe that what owner Angela Bermingham has called ‘geep’ may be the only animals of their kind in the world.

Bermingham told RTE News that she does not own a billy goat and says there are no roaming males around who could have mated with her Daisy.

Today I learned that a goat and a sheep crossed is called a geep

a feckin geep lads pic.twitter.com/uuGOsasoGv

— aoibheann♈ (@aybheann) April 3, 2018

Yet she said she knew there was something strange was happening when Daisy, who is "a bit of gallivanter", jumped a fence outside her cottage into land owned by neighboring Claremorris farmer Padraic Holmes where a flock of ewes and a ram were grazing.

"I knew something was going on because she didn't come out of the field for a week",  Bermingham told the outlet.

"When she became obviously pregnant I knew immediately what had happened," she said.

When This and That were born, Bermingham could see instantly that “they were not goats and they were not lambs either.”

Give us a geep: goat and sheep produce rare hybrid twins https://t.co/lGuHMTceFE

— The Irish Times (@IrishTimes) April 3, 2018

The animals’ teeth were a sure give away. She pulled back one of the geep's lips to reveal a sharp incisors - which was definitely an unusual instance.

Holmes' father Michael, also a long time livestock farmer, added that the birth of the geeps was certainly a head scratcher.

“These little geep are very unusual. I have never seen twins before and I have seen a lot of sheep all over Ireland and all over the world,” he told The Irish Times.

Bermingham confirmed that the animas would be kept as pets and allowed to frollick freely, not dispatched to a butcher or meat plant.