The USA played Ghana last night in the World Cup and came away from the game with a terrific, uplifting 2-1 win. Jurgen Klinsman’s young, energetic squad played a high tempo 90 minutes and were rewarded with an absolutely gigantic 3 points in their bid to get out of one of the toughest groups in the World Cup.

The game itself was played out in front of an incredibly electric atmosphere, with fans from both teams presenting the absolute, colorful best in soccer supporting. The USA support really outdid itself with 20,000 soccer fans making the trip to the game. Some will scoff at this today, and those whose minds are buried in years past will suggest this all means nothing, and soccer will never take off in the USA. Sad but true, they will, just watch.

Obviously those types are missing some great things happening in soccer in the States at all levels, but to really shut them up, we present this graphic.

This absolutely mezmerizing vine shows the Tweet volume across the United States just before, and seconds after the USA scored that terrific, dramatic, late, winning goal last night.

The graphic looks a little unfortunately like some kind of nuclear attack on mainland USA, but don’t let that take away from the message it is sending.

The USA men’s soccer team quite literally caused the USA to explode in joy last night.