Glenn Beck appears to be in two minds over the reports of bullets hitting the White House. On Wednesday he indicated that he found the news laughable.

The shock news that the Secret Service had found bullets had hit the White House broke on Tuesday and a suspect was taken into custody a day later.

But Beck was amazed that anyone had even made the attempt, since he had personally seen the bullet proof glass installed in the building.


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'Now, picture you shooting bullet-proof glass from the distance the White House is from the fence with a hand gun,' Beck said on his own network, in a rant that was repotted by the Huffington Post. 'That would bounce off the bullet-proof glass, pretty significant glass.'

What started him most was that the suspect was still at large.

'Imagine this, you, high powered-rifle, in your car, you run, you get away, that was on Friday, it's now Wednesday and you're still at-large. Excuse me. Have I slipped through some sort of wormhole?'

Without revealing how he had come to the conclusion, Beck then claimed he believed the suspect was a member of Occupy Wall Street movement.

'I don't know who this guy is other than he's from Idaho, has serious mental issues and has been hanging out with the Occupy Wall Street guys.'