Glen Beck did think that his new TV network shouldn’t be named for him but not out of humility.

The controversial host told the Huffington Post “I argued that the network shouldn't be called GBTV, because I don't want it about me…I want it bigger than me. It's got to be bigger than me."

This may only be the network’s first week in action but it has already drawn in 230,000 paying subscribers ($9.95 a month).

Beck most certainly has a plan and that involves more interactive features for “The Glenn Beck Program”, which is aired from 5 to 7pm. He said he hopes his network will eventually host high-quality programming, in the same vein of HBO.

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The show host who is moving to Dallas has also said that he plans to build a studio and entertainment center down south.

Although Beck has a strong core base, as his Washington rally to “Restore Honor” showed, he is aware that it will take a well made show to make his audience turn over from Fox at 5pm. He’s determined to make his show strong.

He said “My first goal was to put on the show and make sure everybody says, 'Oh, it's not a webcast…We're pushing the envelope and doing things that we shouldn't be doing right now. We have a lot to work out. Give us six months and we'll change the way it's consumed."