Glenn Beck has described Wall Street demonstrations as 'anti-capitalist extremists', while speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington last Saturday.

"We are under assault not just from Muslim extremists outside of our country but anti-capitalist extremists,” said Beck.

“Dangerous to your survival” is but one of the characterizations that Beck bestowed upon the protesters on Wall Street. In a video posted by the Huffington Post yesterday, he defends again his controversial and conservative views of those taking to Wall Street.

The Occupy Wall Street protests have garnered steam since they started and have spread to other cities across the nation, as well as to have inspired the Irish at the Central Bank on Dame Street in the nations capital.

While the demands of the protesters vary, the common denominator for them all is a cry for the end of corporate greed and corruption reports CBS News. Most of the movements have utilized social media for their organization.
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Beck did admit that there are Americans who are unemployed and suffering, but there is also an amount of people who are “funemployed” and “have no intention of getting a job,” thus abusing the system. He added that the protesters involved with Occupy Wall Street “just want the free stuff.”

Despite his criticism of the protesters, Beck went on to say how the situations at hand are a “blessing” and not a curse, meaning that this is a prime time for Americans to reevaluate their understanding of personal responsibility. He highlighted this point by saying "you go to school, you rack up a lot of school loans - that was your choice" and followed that up by noting that those who cannot afford student loans should take advantage of the public library.

"By doing the small and simple things,” said Beck at the Summit, “by accepting the responsibilities that make each of us good, it will in turn make America great again; it will again define American exceptionalism for anyone in this city [Washington] who may need a refresher on that."


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