Pugnacious pundit Glenn Beck blasted Mika Brzezinski for her pointed criticism of Newt Gingrich's Occupy Wall Street comments on his show this week.

Beck was responding to Brzezinski appearance on Morning Joe, where she challenged Gingrich's snooty critique of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Gingrich is out-of-touch, and his comments were disgusting, she claimed.

But Beck countered that Occupy Wall Street is targeting capitalism itself, or at least the modern version of capitalism where the banks speculate and then the public pay for their mistakes.


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Brzezsinki should know better than to sympathize with the protesters, Beck fumed, according to a report that ran on the Huffington Post.

'Mika's no dummy. Her father is a Soviet!' he yelled, claiming that some protesters are Marxist revolutionaries waiting to upend democracy and the rule of law in a series of increasingly inflated and dire warnings about its aims and objectives.

The Beck went on another bizarre rant claiming that Brzezinski wears Louboutin shoes and is dressed by other people in the morning.

Warming to his theme that she's well off and so incapable of commenting on political issues that concern the poor (unlike himself, presumably) Beck then affected an  aristocratic accent and inferred that Brzezinski forms her opinions by listening to 'little people' at cocktail parties.

'These people, I could barely eat my brie a few minutes ago,' he scoffed wildly.