Strange days for Herman Cain. But they just got weirder. Now former Fox News anchor Glenn Beck is offering free dating advice to the languishing GOP candidate.

On Tuesday, Beck's email blast to his followers had the following subject line: 'Dating 101: Glenn tells Cain how to handle the ladies.'

Immediately the internet lit up with predictable snark fests. Receiving dating advice from Glenn Beck was the final nail in the Cain campaign some opined, since there was now no further to fall.

'Are people just trying to gain their 15 minutes of fame or is Herman Cain as prolific a scorer as Wilt Chamberlain?' Beck wondered in a report on the Huffington Post.

'What are the types of situations at work that are acceptable to engage in and which are unacceptable?' he continued.

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Later on his own news network Beck clarified his views. 'I'd be a fool as a CEO or a head of a company to have dinner with a good friend who is also an employee. I'd be foolish to do that.'

Women and men do not think the same way, Beck insisted, citing himself as the best example of this premise: 'I've been trying to tell my daughters, who will tell me, 'Dad, he’s just a friend.' Is he? He’s 17 years old and he’s just a friend? Really? If he's gay, I buy it. If he's not, no, he's not. No, he's not. He wants sex. Period. Women and men think differently.'

Beck added that Cain would have to be 'the dumbest man in the world' if the alleged thirteen-year affair with his accuser Ginger White did take place. 'Of course that's gonna come out,' Beck scoffed.