Glenn Beck made the rape story that has convulsed the conservative media this week the centerpiece of his show on Thursday.

Focusing on the recent horrific gang rape of a 13-year-old girl by up to ten men some allegedly illegal aliens in Austin, Texas, Beck recounted how she was then sexually assaulted by another man after being dropped off with 'nowhere to go.'

Doctors who have examined the girl say their findings are consistent with her allegations.

According to The Blaze, Beck compared the media furor over Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case, where a teenager was shot by a self-appointed neighborhood watch man, with the much more muted coverage on the attack on the girl by up to fourteen men. 

'Where is the outrage? Where’s Al Sharpton?' Beck thundered, in his trademark on verge of tears delivery. 'Where’s Barack Obama? Shouldn’t the president give a speech saying something like, 'This girl could have been my daughter, after all my daughter is just turning 14?' How about speeches on the dangers of letting illegals live in the shadows? How about the speeches of let’s just be good to each other? Where are the marches?'

Critics claim Beck is intentionally conflating two unrelated crimes to draw an insupportable conclusion, but the conspiracy-theory loving conservative pundit was unrepentant. Martin could expect the full media glare but the 13-year-old girl should expect no such support, he suggested.

State child welfare investigators are reportedly investigating the Settlement Home for Children, the place the girl reportedly escaped from. A secure facility for troubled teens who may have been abused or neglected, its website says it aims to 'resolve their emotional, behavioral and familial problems.'

The home is reportedly located in a gritty neighborhood and the girl allegedly escaped by unscrewing a window. The girl ran away from the group home and got into a car with three unknown men, according to an arrest affidavit.

'See, nobody really actually cares about people anymore,' Beck said. 'It’s really only about politics.  It’s not about Trayvon Martin. They had to make him look like a little 13-year-old-boy.' (Martin was 17 when Zimmerman shot him dead).

"Why? Because it would help them get elected, or re-elected, or get them to cause trouble or get more trouble. But see this little 13-year-old-girl, you don’t have to doctor a picture of her, she is 13.'

He continued: 'We are witnessing a society that is completely detached, and we are detached because we have an agenda. Why didn’t we tell the story of the 13-year-old-girl? Because of an agenda. The second rapist was black, the others were illegal immigrants, so we don’t tell that story. That’s not a good story, that doesn’t help us with our agenda.'

Beck appeared to be suggesting that policing racism trumped policing rape or illegal immigration, a sentiment that roils his predominantly conservative viewership.

Details of the girl's background, ethnicity or identity have not been released.