The former Fox News conservative pundit Glenn Beck, who made a name for himself by discerning scarifying liberal conspiracies on his evening show, has outraged millions with shockingly mean spirited comments about the bombing and shooting tragedy in Norway.

On his nationally broadcast radio show this week Beck compared the Norwegian summer camp where 68 young people died to Nazi Germany’s Hitler Youth.

Beck was speaking in the aftermath of Friday’s horrifying massacre on Utoya island, where young teenagers were attending an annual summer camp run by the country’s Labour party.

'There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler youth, or, whatever,' Beck told listeners yesterday. 'I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics. Disturbing.'

Reacting with outrage one former Norwegian official told the Daily Telegraph the comments were 'a new low' for Beck.
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'Young political activists have gathered at Utoya for over 60 years to learn about and be part of democracy, the very opposite of what the Hitler Youth was about,' Torbjorn Eriksen said.

Beck condemned the massacre as the work of a madman, but he also approvingly quoted Dutch right-winger Geert Wilders, who claims, Beck said, that 'political correctness and multiculturalism is killing Europe, and he’s right.'

In his rambling manifesto, the shooter Anders Behring Breivik also makes multiple admiring references to Wilders - who has campaigned for years against multiculturalism and perceived Islamic influences. Wilders himself however has condemned the attacks as 'violent and sick.'

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