Eamon Dunne's daughter screamed for her father as he was killed in a pub last Friday night, and Irish police believe they have found the getaway car used by "the Don" Dunne's assassins.

Dunne's 17-year-old daughter was by his side screaming for help after he was shot several times in a pub in Dublin.

The car was found close to the crime scene and, unusually, it was not destroyed by the assassins.

The police said that the assassins failed to burn out the car and destroy evidence contained within it.

Forensic experts found a glove in the vehicle.

Police are hopeful that they will be able to retrieve DNA evidence or a fingerprint in the car belonging to the 4-man hit squad.

The police believe that the murder of Dunne is the most significant gangland killing in recent years, and they have drafted in specialist police to lead the investigation.

A postmortem was carried out on the body by State Pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy, who said Dunne was shot six times with a 9 mm handgun in the head and upper body.

Dunne was the leader of Dublin's largest drug gang and took control of the gang after he ordered the murder of it's boss Martin "Marlo" Hyland in December 2006.

Dunne has been linked to 14 gangland murders and often wore a bulletproof vest as he was living in fear of reprisals.

Dunne was also a heavy user of cocaine  It is believed that his associates saw him as a liability and rumored that he may have been murdered due to his paranoid behavior.

Dunne was attending a 40th birthday party when he was shot dead. Dunne did not attend the Faussagh House bar regularly and it is suspected that one of his associates supplied information on his location to his assassins.

Police said that it was the most professional hit they have seen in years and have not ruled out the possibility that dissident republicans were involved in the murder.

Two gunmen entered the pub and ordered all it's patrons to lie down on the ground while they shot Dunne in the back.

A third gunmen guarded the pub door while a getaway driver waited outside for the assassins.

The shooting was captured on cctv but few witnesses have come forward to the police.

Dublin Don: Eamon Dunne who was killed execution style in a gangland killing