READ MORE- Gerry Ryan death was caused by cocaine abuse coroner finds

Friends of the late Irish broadcaster, Gerry Ryan, have revealed their own concerns about the radio star’s health in the months leading up to his death.

In an exclusive documentary entitled “Gerry” which was broadcast on RTÉ recently, many of Ryan’s close friends as well as his children spoke for the first time since the news emerged that the the 2FM DJ  was a cocaine user.

Last month an inquest into Ryan’s death revealed he had died as a result of cardiac problems often linked to the use of cocaine.

Businessman Harry Crosbie, a close friend of Ryan’s said that the presenter was very lonely at the time of his death.

"I knew he was in trouble. He was so stressed,” he said.

Crosbie attributed the loss of Ryan’s mother in 2006 and the separation from his wife Morah in 2008 as the main reasons for his ill health.

"It completely unsettled him — professionally, emotional and personally. . He was very, very hurt," added Mr Crosbie.

Commenting on his lifestyle he said: "He lived life at 300 miles per hour all the time, he didn’t have a cut-off switch."

Fr Brian Darcy, a close friend to the Ryan family said he was stunned when he heard the news that drugs had triggered Ryan’s death.

"I had to pull into the side of the road. It was such a terrible way for a man with so much talent and giftedness to finish his life," said the priest.

The priest described the father-of-five as "a phenomenal communicator" but added that it was important to acknowledge the circumstances of his death.

"We must also be careful to recognise there was a shadow side of his life. And anyone who is involved in the purchase of illegal drugs, in the consumption of illegal drugs is involved and is part of criminal activity."

 "That has destroyed so many people. And the saddest part is, it also destroyed one of the greatest broadcasters this country has ever known," he added.

The broadcaster’s widow Morah recalled special memories of how she had fallen in love “the moment I set eyes on him”.
Ryan’s second oldest son, Rex said: "He was my life. I would not have functioned if it wasn’t for him."

U2 front man Bono described the late broadcaster as “the nation’s shrink”.

According to the documentary  many of the stories that emerged about Ryan following the inquest  were “unproven” and “unprovable”.

READ MORE- Gerry Ryan death was caused by cocaine abuse coroner finds