Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams has outlined a seven-point plan, which he believes could lead to a United Ireland.

During an address in Co. Cork to mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, Adams detailed a series of “key strategic goals,” which if followed could lead to a united Republic.

Describing the Irish as “an island people in transition," the Louth TD said “to achieve reunification will require the consent of a majority of the people voting in referenda North and South."

Adams said a possible reunification made economic sense and that in the 26 counties “more and more people realize that we do not have a real republic."

Speaking out against the upcoming Fiscal Compact treaty referendum he said the Treaty would entrench austerity policies in the constitution.

“That’s not the vision of 1916. It is the complete opposite of the Proclamanation,” he said.

The seven points are:

1.    To popularise re-unification as viable, achievable and in the best interests of all and to build consensus for this;
2.    To encourage all non-unionist political parties and sections of civic society to become persuaders and actors for reunification;
3.    To convince a section of unionist opinion that their identity, self-interest and quality of life will be best served, secured and guaranteed in a united Ireland;
4.    To challenge those who would seek to maintain the status quo;
5.    To ensure the Irish Government act on the constitutional imperative of reunification;
6.    To encourage the British Government to become persuaders for reunification;
7.    To build on international political and practical support for reunification drawing in particular on the support and influence of the diaspora.