Gerry Adams is set to find Jesus in a new documentary next year.

The Sinn Fein leader will present one episode of a seven part documentary called 'The Bible: A History.' The documentary will be aired on the popular British TV station Channel 4.

Channel 4 released a statement saying that Adams will explore Jesus' teachings on "love, forgiveness, and repentance" and "different perspectives in Jesus and how he is presented in the Bible."

The documentary will analyze the "contradiction between Jesus' teachings and the involvement of Christians, followers of other faiths, in conflict the world over." The documentary will also look at  tAdams' unique perspective on faith, as he is a "former supporter of political violence."

Channel 4's Ralph Lee said that the documentary "will offer an insight into how a man so strongly associated first with conflict and then with peace in Northern Ireland, reconciled his religion with the decisions he has taken in life."

Conservative member of Parliament Ann Widdecombe is also presenting an episode. Widdecombe has already recorded her episode and says she is disgusted that  Adams was asked to film an episode.

The devout Christian and novelist expressed her concern at Adams' involvement with Sinn Fein and the IRA.