Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said that at least two TDs were drunk during the Dail debate on legislation to liquidate IBRC as part of the promissory note deal.

“There were, in the chamber on the night, members of other parties who were intoxicated and other people know that as well,” Adams told He stressed that “the vast majority of TDs probably don’t take a sup at all."

“I imagine they are here to do their work. But I do think it’s an anomaly that you have a bar, you actually have two bars, in a work place,” he said.

The debate in the Dáil last month to pass legislation that would liquidate Irish Bank Resolution Corporation went on into the early hours of the morning as the government sought a deal to abolish the promissory note repayments.

When TDs argued when to start debate on the bill Adams asked Ceann Comhairle: Could I honourably suggest that if you want some order from the government TDs then perhaps you should close the Dáil bar.

“That may be a useful way to get some order here.”

Adams said he wasn't being flippant when he raised the issue that night and asked that the Leinster House members' bar be closed.

He raised the again last week during the debate on the Finance Bill by asking that “the bar be closed or that breathalyser tests be introduced for Teachtaí entering the chamber.”

“I’m not against having a drink, don’t get me wrong. I am not a killjoy in terms of having a jar, I enjoy a jar,” said Adams, adding that there was a "culture" in the Dail.

“This is a big bubble that we have in here,” he said.

“The vast majority of people in here are good people who took up public office and who joined political parties to bring about change. But it’s quite an archaic system and quite dysfunctional system.”