Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said the current Irish government "needs to go," and that Ireland needed a U.S. style stimulus package of $5 billion.

"There is talk of a cabinet reshuffle. This Government doesn't need a reshuffle. This Government needs to go," he added. He was speaking at his party's annual convention in Dublin.

"Do they really think the people are amadáns (idiots)? Do they really expect the people to foot the bill for the bankers, the developers and their political cronies? The people need to send them a message. The people need to tell them to get lost," he said.

He also outlined a $5 billion stimulus plan to end of recession which would establish a job retention fund for small and medium businesses set up a youth job fund to create 20,000 jobs and Introduce a social clause in public contracts to create jobs.

He also talked about Exploiting "Brand Ireland" and introducing a new all-Ireland export strategy.

He saved his sharpest criticism for the government and said when the Celtic Tiger economy was at its height "the establishment refused to distribute the wealth in the common good and to secure the future.

"They would not nationalize the wealth. But now they are happy to nationalize the debt.

"Sinn Féin is opposed to this government because it is not fair and because its policies are unsustainable. But we are also opposed to them because there is an alternative that will work," he added.

He said the recent Hillsborough deal, which will create a Department of Justice within the Northern Ireland Executive on April 12th, was hugely important and symbolic. "This agreement is a staging post. It is proof that change is possible."

He also promised to end political sweetheart deals. "Sinn Féin will dismantle the culture of political cronyism and the golden circles," he added.

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